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A dazzling new poetry collection from award-winning poet Judith Bishop, a conclusion to her trilogy focused on time.

Perched on a tablecloth with glasses
for a summer drink- life, on its haunches
like a kitten, thoughtful.
Extending a paw- What happens if?

Circadia is a shattering testament to the fragility of life and the weight of the present. Exquisitely attuned to atmosphere and emotion, Judith Bishop's poems grieve the daily devastations of war, extinction, illness, death, and disconnection, yet find their way back into clearings transfigured by the energies of art, children, and the sheer incandescence of existence.

These fiercely empathetic poems range deep into the woods of present, past and future time. With visionary imagination and rapt musicality, this concluding volume in Bishop's award-winning trilogy on time sings in the mind long after reading.

Publication date: 30/04/2024


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